Fire Safety Managers Course


Responsible Person


Who should attend:

Persons given the responsibility for all Fire Safety related duties from keeping accurate and relevant records to co-ordination of the duties of Fire Wardens / Evacuation Marshals etc.


Usually 1 full day depending on clients requirements.

Theory instruction:

Meeting room, Classroom or training room.

Practical Instruction: OPTIONAL

Conducted in a safe outside area subject to Risk Assessment.


Theory input:

  • The Role of the Fire Manager
  • The Role of the Fire Warden / Marshal
  • General Fire Awareness
  • Arson and Security
  • Liaison with Fire Service
  • Human behaviour in Fire situations
  • Fire Behaviour and Fire Spread
  • Safety features in buildings
  • Fire safety signs
  • Hazard identification & Reporting
  • Action in the event of a fire
  • Risk Assessments
  • Record keeping
  • Area clearance and evacuation
  • Pre-practical risk assessment & brief
  • Fire Extinguishers

Practical input: OPTIONAL

  • Use of a Water extinguisher for 'A' type fire on waste bin trainer
  • Use of a Foam extinguisher for 'B' & 'F' type fire on liquid pan or tray simulator
  • Demonstration of Fire blanket
  • Use of CO2 extinguisher for fires involving an electrical hazard

Note: Practical subject to Risk Assessment and weather conditions.

Fire Safety Manager Course Subjects in detail – Download here!