Fire Extinguisher Course



Who should attend:

Anyone who may have to use a fire extinguisher if confronted with a fire in its early stages. Everybody should be told exactly what type of extinguishers they have in their area, where they are, exactly how to use them and on what types of fire they are meant to be used for. They should also be informed on what types of fire they should not be used on. People who should receive this type of course should be those deemed capaple of dealing with a small fire safely without putting themselves or anyone else at risk.

Please note: If extinguishers are installed in your premises, training must be provided for their safe & effective use. This is a legal requirement of the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005.


Usually 2 hours.
1 hour 30 minutes theory followed by a very important and valuable practical session of approx 30 minutes depending on numbers.

Theory instruction:

In or Outdoors dependant on venue.

Practical Instruction:

Conducted in a safe outside area subject to risk assessment.


Theory input:

Responsibilities of staff & management
Training requirements
Understanding Fire / Combustion
Fire Spread
Extinguishing Fires
Fire Classification
Types of Portable Fire Extinguishers
Safe & Effective Use of Extinguishers
Escape Stategy

Practical input:

Use of a Water extinguisher for ‘A’ type fire on waste bin trainer
Use of a Foam extinguisher for ‘B & F’ type fire on liquid pan or tray simulator
Demonstration of Fire blanket
Use of CO2 extinguisher for fires involving an electrical hazard

Note: Practical subject to Risk assessment and weather conditions.

Extinguisher Users Course Subjects in detail – Download here!