Fire Warden – Marshal Course



Wardens & Marshals are required for medium or larger premises. This training is aimed at those people who have been asked to carry out specific duties such as area clearance & evacuation, fire equipment checks, tackling the outbreak of fire, hazard spotting & reporting and housekeeping management. The difference between the two can or may be described as follows:- A Fire Warden is a person that has or will be trained in fire safety awareness & the safe use of extinguishers. They may also be expected to carry out other important duties, such as checking fire equipment or safety systems on a regular basis or even in house training for others. The Wardens main duty in the event of a fire or fire alarm, would be to make sure their area has been completely evacuated of all persons to a safe area without putting themselves at risk. A Fire Marshal would be trained on fire safety awareness but would be expected to direct the evacuation of all persons to a safe place in their area also. They may not have the job of checking escape routes, extinguishers, or emergency lighting on a regular basis. If you are not sure what level of training is required for your type of premises, please call us for advice.

Who should attend:

Anyone allocated Fire safety duties i.e. Fire prevention in the workplace and area or building evacuation duties. Wardens tasked to deal with the out-break of fire.


5 hours depending on course build and clients requirements.

Theory instruction:

Meeting room, Classroom or training room.

Practical Instruction:

Conducted in a safe outside area subject to Risk Assessment.


Theory input:

  • Legal Staff & Management Responsibilities
  • The Role of the Fire Warden / Marshal
  • General Fire Safety Awareness
  • Human behaviour in Fire situations
  • Fire Behaviour and Fire Spread
  • Safety features in buildings
  • Fire Safety Signs
  • Hazard identification & Reporting
  • Action in the event of a fire
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Record keeping
  • Area Clearance and Evacuation
  • Pre-practical Risk Assessment & Brief
  • Fire Extinguishers Theory

Practical input:

  • Use of a Water extinguisher for (A) type fire on waste bin trainer
  • Use of a Foam extinguisher for (B & F) type fires on liquid pan or tray simulator
  • Demonstration of Fire blanket
  • Use of CO2 extinguisher for fires involving an electrical hazard

Note: Practical subject to Risk Assessment and weather conditions.

Fire Warden / Marshal Course Subjects in detail – Download here!